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2015 Objectives
  • To have implanted at least 25 pure traditional-type embryos flushed between 1987 and 2003;
  • ensure flushing all females born from the 25 traditional-type embryos;
  • produce at least 10 embryo flushings utilizing the semen of traditional-type bulls on reserve in the genetic bank;
  • collect semen from at least 7 new purebred bulls, of which at least 2 should be born of the 25 traditional-type embryos;
  • list at least 10 purebred bulls actively involved in artificial insemination and belonging to the ADCC;
  • create a dynamic Cryobank for the conservancy and development of the Canadienne cattle population;
  • implement a management plan for Charlevoix’s Canadienne cattle population;
  • restore the traditional aptitudes, qualities and type of the Canadienne cattle population;
  • develop in the Canadienne breed a vocation for producing milk destined for terroir-based cheesemaking;
  • make a census of at least 250 Canadienne females among Charlevoix’s cattle population;
  • attain a percentage of at least 80% pure Canadienne females in Charlevoix’s cattle population - the ultimate goal being set at 100% purebred;
  • count at least 150 purebred lactating Canadienne cows among the regional cattle population;
  • establish at least 3 new herds of 30 to 35 lactating Canadienne cows;
  • produce and process at least 675,000 litres of Canadienne cow’s milk;
  • start the process for obtaining a certificate of authenticity and quality for Canadienne cow’s milk.