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A Matter of Partnerships

A solid organization is required to manage a terroir-based dairy network specific to the Charlevoix region with the traditional-type Canadienne breed at its centre, supported by partners in production and product development. Our Association coordinates the group’s development and operations. It also plays a collective management role for the development and enhancement of Charlevoix’s Canadienne cattle population. Ensuring that protocols for breed management, production and all value-added components are current and operational is possible only if regular follow-ups are scheduled with all stakeholders. The success of this structure necessarily implies working in teams, which means listening to partners, exchanging views and sharing information with the group as a whole, while keeping in mind a need for absolute transparency. 

« The fee structure enables the Association to assist and support the enormous worksite related to the restoration and development of the traditional type and the ancestral genetic integrity of the Canadienne cattle breed. »

Thanks to the partnership established between producers and dairy processor, our Association is paid a fee on each litre of Canadienne cow’s milk sold by member producers. These fees guarantee permanent revenues for the Association, thus enabling it to launch the re-introduction and development of the Canadienne breed of bygone days, as well as the implementation of a terroir-specific dairy network. This partnership also translates into a supplement paid to the producer by the processing facility for their specific milk.

For the project to succeed, the Association intends to work in close collaboration with all the stakeholders involved with the Canadienne cattle breed, both in Charlevoix as well as outside the region.