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As part of the development and enhancement of the traditional-type Canadienne cattle breed in Charlevoix, the collection and transfer of embryos are necessary to achieve the Association’s desired objectives. Consequently, to broaden the scope of its traditional-type Canadienne cow enhancement and conservancy efforts, the ADCC is offering a portion of its embryo flushings for sale.


Place Your Order

Open sale indicates that catalogued embryos may be sold to interested parties until stocks are depleted.

To order, simply telephone or email with the following information:

  • Name of contact person and/or company name
  • Address & telephone number(s)
  • Embryo ID Code & quantity requested
  • Shipping within Quebec: Please indicate name of Livestock Improvement Club (or CAB) affiliated with the registered contact/business name
  • Shipping outside Quebec: Please provide business name and affiliated client number where the Gencore, Eastern Breeders, etc. semen will be shipped

As soon as this information has been provided, we will bill you by email/mail. Once payment has been received, we will proceed with shipping the embryos.

Certain rare or exceptional embryos may sold by lottery, offering all parties interested in their acquisition a fair chance. Moreover, the Association for the Development of the Canadienne Cattle Breed in Charlevoix reserves the right to impose special rules on sales by lottery.

To participate in sales by lottery, please complete and return the registration form and terms of agreement by fax or mail.

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