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Fabienne Thibeault
Godmother of the Canadienne project

The singer Fabienne Thibeault has decided to walk through out in the Quebec’s Terroirs to save and preserve the agricultural heritage of the province.

Concerned by the inactions of the governments about the preservation of the Canadienne cow, Canadian horse and Chantecler chicken, the former singer of the Rock opera Starmania (first group 1978) wants to sing for these domestic species and breeds threatened of extinction. Since many years, she is concerned not only for outdated regulations but also by the industrialization of agriculture. She insists to support producers that take care of these species and breeds and she also wants to be sure that the legal frames would be favourables to their future. Fabienne Thibeault put all her heart and energy to help the development of the Canadienne in Charlevoix.

Laurent Avon

Laurent Avon is a specialist of the rare and threatened bovine breeds in France and was responsible of the management and recovery plans. He worked during 30 years at « Institut de l' Elevage de France » but he recently retired early this year. Even though, he still wants to be personnally involved in the Canadienne cattle breed because he is very passionnate about the Canadienne. He recently came several days in Charlevoix to see on the field and he will be involved in the analysis of the Charlevoix management plan. Laurent Avon’s experience and knowledge will bring alot to the Charlevoix project. He has concluded : Canadienne cow has a bright future!