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The producers constitute an important link in the network as a whole. In general, businesses earmarked for integration into the system are family-run farms where the number of lactating cows is inferior to 50. The objective is to enable small farms to be profitable and remain afloat amidst a growing trend towards increasingly large operations. Producers become actors and artisans in the production of specialty milk. Because they are partners, they are entitled to spin-offs from the valorization of their milk. Producers ought to be proud – indeed, there is a little of everyone in Charlevoix’s Canadienne products.


Ferme Hengil s.e.n.c.

Steve and Mélissa Tremblay replaced their Holsteins with Canadiennes because the time had come for them to operate differently. The revenue supplement received for their Canadienne cow’s milk was a convincing reason to change their production methods. Their herd of 40 lactating cows for a total of 80 heads is one of the largest of this breed worldwide. Their amazing open-mindedness led them to observe and appreciate the Canadienne’s rusticity and particular aptitudes, both so essential to operations set in northern highlands.

« We jumped from Holsteins to Canadiennes for many reasons. We were trying to diversify and the Canadienne enabled us to stay in dairy farming without expanding our operations. There’s also the possibility of working in a team alongside others who share the same challenge of developing this breed » Steve Tremblay, dairy producer.

Photo: Steve Tremblay with
De Tilly Loic Pommette 67105,
a VG85 Canadienne cow.




Ferme Lyne Breton

The arrival of Lyne Breton and her herd of 65 heads was an unbelievable piece of good fortune for reintroducing and re-launching the breed on Charlevoix’s terroir. Lyne Breton gets added value for her Candienne cow’s milk, honouring this breed’s legendary cheesemaking properties. Her experience and her passion are undeniable assets in the development of this bygone breed

« I’ve had a herd of Canadienne cows for 12 years now. To settle here with a processing establishment interested in my milk and passionate people who want to develop the breed is simply marvellous » Lyne Breton, dairy producer.

Lyne Breton accompanied
by Fabienne Thibeault,
godmother to the
Charlevoix project 





Photo credits : Jean-Pierre Débarbat