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The Association at the Heart of the Project

The Association for the Development of the Canadienne Cattle Breed in Charlevoix (ADCC) is a non-profit organization that oversees and coordinates project operations. Its mission is to establish, manage, develop and promote a sustainable Canadienne cattle breed population of the traditional type and ancestral genetics, with the aim of establishing a dairy network specific to the Charlevoix terroir.

To fulfil its mission, the organization established numerous objectives for itself, including four particularly essential goals:

To collectively manage, develop and promote a population of the Canadienne cattle breed.

To restore and develop the traditional type and integrity of the Canadienne breed’s genetic heritage, its intrinsic characteristics, qualities and aptitudes to meet specific requirements set for producing a terroir cow’s milk cheese.

To establish and maintain a truly efficient and functional partnership, whereby member food processing establishments and producers all benefit from their fair share of spin-offs.

To coordinate overall activities required to implement and develop the Charlevoix Canadienne milk network, as well as commence the certification process for reserved designations.