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The Charlevoix Network: From Its Terroir to A Canadienne Cow’s Milk

As previously mentioned, the Charlevoix region presents particular unique characteristics. For producing specialty milk that aspires to earning an appellation réservée (reserved designation) or other type of designation, the product must be closely tied to its origins. When it comes to dairy farming and processing milk into butter and cheese, our region’s collective know-how stands proud still today. Moreover, in order for the milk to garner an appellation reservée, the product’s reputation must be taken into consideration as well.

The traditional-type Canadienne is the dairy breed most closely linked to our terroir’s (place-based designation) past. It is therefore essential to place the accent on developing its ancestral genetic heritage, preserved and available to us even today.

« Our traditional-type Canadienne – a must in the development of a Charlevoix terroir »

Establishing ancestral genetics is a lengthy developmental and experimental process. The traditional-type Canadienne once boasted aptitudes that were no longer adaptable to industrialized production, but today, these traditional-type aptitudes are a perfect match in a newer application: terroir production!

This network is clearly earmarked for an appellation reservée or other added-value claim. A long and evolutive process, as options go, it is a must for Charlevoix.